First Draft Finished!



So here it is – my first completed first draft of Brilliant.  I am pretty excited and proud about this because I am not a writer.  I actually never intended to work on the book of this show until I attended Broadwaycon.  At that convention I met a man who has worked behind the scenes on Broadway musicals for years.  He said to me, “Stop writing songs and write the book.  You know the story you want to write, so write it.  Then you will have something to take to a writer who can develop it.”  He also recommended some incredible books about writing fiction and writing for musical theatre.  I read the books and I began to write.  I learned so much from those books and I am very happy with what I have created.  ( I highly recommend the book: Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver).

This picture was taken at Fed Ex at 7:15 am this morning.  I was seeing my father later in the day and I needed to het him a birthday present.  I realized the best gift I could give him was the very first copy (signed of course!) of Brilliant.  My father was really the one who got me into all of this to being with. He created a show years back, entitled “Class Reunion” in which he found a writer and I wrote the music and lyrics.    That was an incredibly fulfilling experience and I learned sooo much.   I know if it wasn’t for Class Reunion I never would have thought any of this was possible.  So Happy Birthday again dad and thank you!

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