Songs done and the best email

Well, I wasn’t going to do an entry today- but it’s been such a good day so far I might as well.  So first and foremost I finally finished the last two songs.  They are short songs, “Lullaby” and “Round and Round” but still they are an integral part of the show.  I just finished recording the instrumental tracks and hopefully my voice will sound okay enough later to record vocals and get them up on the website.  Woohoo- songs are done!

But what’s way cooler is that I got a reply from Benj Pasek from an email I sent him a few weeks back.  I feel like an idiot because I didn’t wish him good luck on the Oscars in that email.  Ugh.  Anyway-  I was writing him because at the time I felt this overwhelming desire to connect with him because we had both worked on shows which focused on boys from the same school.  Benj grew up not far from me and Dear Evan Hanson was inspired by a boy who went to Friends Central school.  My show is also insprired by a boy who attended that school a few years later.  And the coincidences don’t top there.  Both shows deal with boys who are out of the norm.  AND – his mother who is a professor of psychology, most recently wrote a book entitled, …..wait for it….”Becoming Brilliant”!  I mean c’mon!  So I had to reach out.  I actually was able to have a wonderful conversation with his mother who was so supportive and helpful.

I decided I will print out that email along with one I recently received from Charles Strouse (composer of Annie and Bye Bye Birdie) and I will pin them up in my office to look at everyday and keep me motivated!

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