Scoring with Alfred

Scoring.  Probably the most boring but most necessary part of the process.  Without the score there is nothing.  Unfortunately when I write music I write the notes in such a way that only I can read them.  I actually am a trained pianist and can read music just fine- it’s transcribing it that I never mastered.  And yes, there is great software that can speed things along- but you still need to master that.  So that is why I spend hours and hours with Alfred Goodrich at Silvertone Studios in Ardmore.

Alfred is amazing.  I spent literally hundreds of hours with him when working on my first show, Class Reunion, because not only is he a master at Finale- the scoring software, but he also has an incredible recording studio in his house.  But for right now we are just hard at work scoring the songs for Brilliant.  Heres how we work.  I go to his studio, I play the songs piece by piece, and he makes sure every note, every rest, every little everything is perfectly placed on that paper.    Once I have completed scores I can send them to the actors, musicians, anyone involved in the show.  So the picture you see below is my view for hours and hours on end.  Just FYI- it takes us about 3.5 hours to complete one song and there are 17 songs so far in the show (and I’m sure some will be tossed and more will come).  So that’s alot of time spent with Alfred!   It’s a good thing we get along so well.

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