Really Just The Beginning

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry.  As you know I finished the draft I wrote and passed that on to a writer who has been siting with it and reading it over.  We had a meeting last night and he shared many of his notes with me- and there were many! I will say I agreed with just about everything he had to say which is good that we are on the same page. (Ha- get it, same page!).  But the truth is I know now that the show is just beginning to be created.  The original idea I had will still be there but songs will leave, new songs will be created, characters will be developed.  It’s all part of the process, I know.  We will just have to wait….and see.

On a fun note, I am still recording demos so keep checking the music page.  This Wednesday, Kimberly Suskind is coming to record several songs including SOAR which is one of my favorites.  I can’t wait to hear how it sounds with her wonderful voice. Kim is presently starring in John and Jen at the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, NJ.  I went to go see her perform last week and she was amazing.  The Eagle theatre is South Jersey’s only Equity theatre.  It is an amazing little theatre and I highly recommend a visit there if you want a fun night out.

And this past weekend I recorded two adorable and talented young boys, Max Ringold and Lyam David – Kilker.  You can hear them on “Just Wanna Be” and “I Believe You.”

Oh – and I just re read my post from two weeks ago.  In it I said that all the songs were finished being written.  Ha!  That’s so funny, and so naive of me to say!  I actually just wrote another one a few days ago and am now guessing I’ll be writing at least ten more in the next few months.  I can only imagine how many songs will have been written for this show when it’s all said and done.  Anyone want to go for an over/under?  My guess is 32.

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