Quiet is okay

I thought I would post since it has a been a while and I’d like to keep this as updated as possible.  So it’s been quiet here – but in this case I’d say quiet is good.  I took a break from composing a put my draft in the hands of local writer, Phillip Brown.  We actually have been working together, meeting weekly.  We decided to make some pretty big changes to the original story; however, the overall theme of the story is staying the same which is all that matters to me.  So we are now hard at work creating, what I think, will be a much stronger and more dramatic story.  What does that mean for all of the songs posted on this site?  Well, we shall see. Obviously most will not fit so neatly into this new book; however, we are seeing that some do which is nice.  I had some weeks off from writing so now my head is clear to get back to the piano- which is actually where I am headed right now!  Going to finish the new opening song – (Luckily though, we are still using Pose! – yay!)  We will not be able to have a reading in June as I originally planned- but we will have one eventually-maybe Fall?  We shall see!  I will post Phillips resume in the coming weeks so you can all get to know him.  We are having a blast.


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