Still Going

No, we haven’t stopped working.  We may have lost a little steam over August since both Phillip and I had family commitments, but now we are right back on track, meeting every week and making great progress.   It’s really starting to come together.  We are down to our final two scenes of the show and I think that is very exciting.  I uploaded a new song today – “Jake Wellington”, and hopefully I will be able to upload “That Miracle” some time next week.  I will be back at Alfred’s this week and next to score those two songs.

Then the work really begins again for me.  The final few songs I have to write for this first draft (or really, isn’t it our second draft) are all really big numbers which is a bit intimidating.  However, it will be fun to get back onto the piano again.  I have been waiting to write more songs until our book was a bit farther along.

So for anyone who is out there and following along (which I don’t think is anyone – but whatever) we are still very hard at work and hopefully should have some sort of finished first version by the end of October???  And we may be able to keep the title, “Brilliant” after all.

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