Happy Holidays and where are we?

So Happy holidays to anyone who is reading.  Chanukah just past and Christmas and New Years are on their way.  In our house however, the big focus is all about college.  We’ve started hearing back from colleges for my oldest daughter.  I can’t say anything more here until April. Sorry.

I realized on my last blog entry I didn’t say anything about what’s going on with the show.  Well, we are still moving forward and that’s a good thing.  Actually, our last few meetings have been amazing because we are really getting this second act in focus.  I just love where this story is going.  It is such a small story-but with so many big emotions.  It’s really just taking such a magnifying glass at a family’s struggle – really a couple’s struggle- on how best to help their child.  I mean- if this isn’t want every parent is dealing with on a day to day basis, I don’t know what is.  I was somewhere the other day when someone said something like, “Good art is art that needs to be shared because it will have an impact on the audience.  It can help them in some way”  I know this musical is just that and it is sooo frustrating because I wish we could just perform it today!  Yesterday even.  But that’s just not how this is going to go.

But for anyone following along on this journey, just know we are still busy at it.  Kim came over last week and laid down some more vocals which are now on the site.  I have been desperately looking for a male to sing the lead male role.  I can’t tell you how hard it is to find someone.  No one responds to any of my postings on the theatre sites.  However, I did get one good response and he is coming to record the end of January, so that’s good.  I need to hear these songs sung by a male!!!  And of course I like to have these demos in case I want to apply for a festival or show someone what I am working on.

Happy New Year!  Let’s see what 2018 brings:)

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