We’re on the Radio with Seth Rudetsky!

Yes, you read the title.  My friend, Julie Savitch, and I were co hosts on Seth Rudetsky’s Big Fat Broadway radio show on Sirius XM.  I  have been a fan of Seth for a very long time.  He is the most entertaining and talented person when it comes to musical theatre.  He is an incredible pianist.  He can play any song at any time- it’s unreal.  He has played the piano for many Broadway shows and has been the musical director for several others.  He also is simply hysterical.  He used to be a writer on the Rosie O’Donnell show amongst others.  Honestly, I cannot even begin to list his credits here.  Let’s just say in the world of Broadway he knows everything and everyone and has a funny story to tell about it all.

“Anywho” (that’s a Seth line) – I won the opportunity to co-cohost with him at the Broadway Equity Fights Aids annual Flea Market and Auction.  This Flea Market happens once a year on 45th and 46th street and is a great way to find Broadway memorabilia while of course supporting organizations such as the AIDS Initiative and the Phyllis Newman women’s Health Initiative amongst others.  I personally was focused on collecting all of the Playbills I seemed to have misplace from shows I attended in the past.  I think I left the Flea Market with about 20 playbills all for just $20.  What a deal!   I was saving my money for the grand auction which was held in Shubert Alley later that evening.  If you have any interest you have to go to this auction- if only to see what is being auctioned off.  The list of items included opening tickets to every show opening this season, to walk on opportunities to every Broadway show, etc.  The list of items was incredible.  Well, I had my eyes set on the Seth Rudestky package:  two tickets to Gypsy of the Year (which Seth was hosting), and the chance to cohost his radio show.  Now, I really had no interest on going on air- that was way to nerve racking to think about – but the opportunity to meet Seth- (and of course making a donation to a wonderful cause at the same time) was something I couldn’t pass up.  When the time came I raised my paddle high and low and behold I won!

Julie and I had a blast that day we went to record.  It was AHHHHMazing  (another Seth line).  It was very cool getting to see the Sirius studios.  And Seth couldn’t have been more welcoming.  Of course I panicked every time I had to answer a question; such as, “What are your favorite Broadway shows?”  I mean, I wish I had time to list all of them, but I went with Wicked (how could I not?), Blood Brothers (I was addicted while in college) and Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (because it’s freaking the best and I can’t stand that more schools don’t just do this show because kids love it and ALW wrote it at 16 for g-ds sake!).

I hope there will be a day when I won’t keep having these awesome opportunities because I won them- but because I EARNED them.  I HOPE there will be a day when I will be interviewed because I worked on Brilliant, or some other show.  But for now these experiences are what keeps me going and they keep it within reach.  And I know I am beyond fortunate to get the do them.

ps – Check him out signing my Brilliant Bag!

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