Exactly one year ago

So, exactly one year ago I finished the first draft of Brilliant.  I know this because it popped up on my Facebook page.  Really, how would we ever remember anything if it wasn’t for Facebook?  We certainly wouldn’t remember anybody’s birthdays.  Anyway, let see where we’ve come since a year ago.  Well, We’ve gotten rid of the following songs: YOU GOTTA PLAY A SPORT, BALLERINA, TELL ME ‘BOUT YOUR BOY, BRILLIANT, SOAR, I BELIEVE IN YOU, and, JUST A LITTLE BIT.  Wow- that’s 7 songs that have been written, scored, and recorded and may never be heard from again.  It’s a bummer about the song, BRILLIANT because I got the name for the show from that song- so I’m not even sure now if we should be calling the show BRILLIANT.  And I really liked the song SOAR. Oh well.

Here is the good news.  I have added the following songs: ME AND THE STICK, IF I HAD A SON, THE DOCTOR SONG, JAKE WELLINGTON, MY VICE, SOUND OF MY HEART, THE PROM, TOGETHER, FILL THIS HOME WITH LOVE.  That’s eight new songs, plus I fixed up the oldies.  Oh yeah- and what else has changed-?  Oh yeah, I have a writer!  Duh!

Now, unfortunately we have been on hold since Philip has put up four shows in four months (not kidding).  One of the shows he was director was the Shipley School’s HAIRSPRAY- choreographed by none other than my daughter, Sammi, who also had a featured role as Velma.  She was AMAZING!  I have never been so proud of her.  But the best part about hat show is that Phillip can hopefully get back to work on Brilliant with me.    I’ve learned not to put any deadlines or expectations on this project- but maybe a reading in the summer???  Maybe???


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