Getting Closer!

So, here we are, a little over a year that I began working with Philip and I am happy to report we finally have a finished script!  We have scheduled our first reading for Monday, April 30.  It will be a very small, casual event which will simply allow us to actually hear what we have so far.  I am very excited to hear everything (and can I say I am happy to take a break from having to write any more songs for a bit.)  I never thought we would get through the final scene but I really love what Philip did with it.

So the plan is to continue to have some readings and then continue to make changes until we feel really secure with what we have.  Then we will have a much larger reading where all will  be invited!  My house has been quite a buzz with lots of fantastic Philly actors coming over to practice and record with me.  Here are some pics of Kim Suskind and Cindy Chait during their recent recording sessions.   I love being able to work with great actors/actresses who come to my house fully prepared,excited ,and willing to work on an unknown piece of material.  Thanks to all of you guys!


kim 1.jpg


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