Directors, Performances, Festivals, Oh My!

September 26, 2018

Okay.  so that title is a little premature, I know.  But I haven’t written in a while and I wanted to chime in.  I just re read my blog posts from the last 18 months.  18 months!  and I didn’t even start these blogs until I had already been working on the show for around a year and a half.  Well, here’s good news:  SOAR is back.  I always really liked that song.  I was sad to see it go and now very happy that it has found a home again.  We’ve really tried to have the story focus on the “Jake and Sarah” relationship  and that is really what that song embodied, so there you have it.  Kim will actually be performing “SOAR” on November 4 at the next musical theatre salon in Philadelphia.  I hope people like it!

So- the title of the blog, what’s up with that?  Well, I am in the process of interviewing a few directors.  And why, you may ask, am I interviewing directors?  Because we are scheduling performances!  That’s right, you read it here first.  It’s looking like we will be having a few performances in early 2019.  However, it is still a bit premature to list them here because dates and locations need to be finalized.  But that means it is time to finalize a cast and a director so we can begin rehearsing and tweaking and working out the kinks.   I am very excited to bring in a director because the show is now going to start a journey that I cannot do alone with Philip anymore.  We will need a musical director, a musical arranger (but that’s further down the line), a choreographer, a dramaturg, and of course the director to get this thing on its feet.

These performances will be like showcases.  What this means is, they will not be fully produced although performers will be off book and some minor movement and maybe even minor sets will be involved.  We need to see how the show will play to an audience. I am reaching out to local organizations who I feel have members that would make a great audience for this subject matter.  These organizations are also showing amazing support to me and I will be forever grateful to them for allowing me this opportunity.  But no!  I cannot reveal them just yet!  I promise, the next blog should have that info.

Why did I mention Festivals?  Because we are ready to start applying. I just received my big, fat, resource book from the Dramatists Guild and I will soon begin the process of sending the book and recordings out to the numerous festivals for musical theatre.  So hopefully next summer, perhaps we may have a festival or two to perform at.

And coming soon… like any day…. a new and improved logo!  Thank you Samantha Dion Baker!

Thanks for reading.   Oh yeah, and did I mention, amongst this craziness, I just dropped my daughter off at college and next week my son goes to boarding school?  Just wanted to add that in so when I read this post in a few years I’ll remember what was happening in my real life.

Thanks for reading!  (and if you haven’t seen the clip of Kim performing at the concert over the summer, please see the blog below with the video clips.  She was fantastic!)

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