Feeling good with it

So it appears to be a very long time since I have posted.  Let us catch up.

In May I had a concert in my house (conveniently on my birthday so it was a bit of a double celebration) and it was the most amazing night.  It was really the first time I performed many of the songs in front of a large group- and people who are important to me.   It was such a special night for me (My daughter even flew in from college to surprise me).  Everyone’s reactions to the music seemed extremely genuine and I felt good knowing I was on the right track.

SO I had had some other performances scheduled for last Spring but something wasn’t sitting entirely right with with the book.  I postponed those performances and took this summer to make some changes.  This obviously required composing a few more songs as well which have yet to be recorded.  I have to say I am now feeling much better about the book.  It’s also running a nice 85 minutes which is perfect for a straight run through with no intermission.  But the point is, I am happy with it and at this point we have to just start getting it in front of people.

Fortunately, Woman’s Philanthropy, a division of Jewish Federation of Philadelphia, will be hosting a performance on December 4.  All our welcome.  And on January 12, the Friendship circle will be hosting an event as well.  I am soo excited about both of these events because I think they will be the perfect audiences for this show.  I am also going to look to plan a reading in NY for early Spring.

I am still working with Kim, Rebecca, and Jason Neri will be music directing.  The three of them are so committed and wonderful and I look forward to finding the perfect JAKE!  Oh- and playing the role of Adam I have Jackson Preisser who is amazingly adorable (an my daughter’s best friend).

Below I will try to add videos from the concert.   Hope for more updates sooner than later.



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