Readings and More Readings

So I think this is where it starts to get fun.  Well, I  mean, this entire experience has been incredible but now I get to put it out there and share it with people. Four years of work finally out of the privacy of my basement.  I am so fortunate that some organizations have put their trust in me and have allowed me to perform readings for members of their group.

The first reading we had was a few weeks ago on December 4, 2019 which was hosted by Women’s Philanthropy, a division of Jewish Federation.   I knew this would be a wonderfully supportive audience, and they were.  I was really happy with the entire evening.  People laughed where I weren’t sure if they would.  And people were moved and felt connected to the material.  I know this is touchy subject matter.  I have to do right by it- and we are still tweaking and rewriting and trying to get there. I am trying to create a specific story but with universal themes so all parents can relate no matter who their child is.  I don’t want to alienate anyone.

Anyway, that first reading was great and we learned alot.  So much so that I have made many changes for the next reading coming up on January 12.  We have three new songs and removed two old ones.  We will only have time to rehearse a few hours before the show.  But this audience will be extremely special because they will be members of the Philly Friendship Circle, an organization that works with children with special needs.  I am so looking forward to presenting this material to them.  I hope they like it.

And one month later I will be hosting a reading at a very cool music venue in Wayne – 118 North.  I just think this is a great intimate venue but a good step up from my basement!  I have many friends coming to that show so I think it will be loads of fun!

Okay- that’s it for now.  Readings, readings, and more readings!  Things could be worse.

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