Wow! What a reading, what a night

So last night was our third staged reading.  It was held at a wonderful music venue in Wayne, 118 North.  We had a five piece band (Alfred jumped in on cello) and everyone was mic’d so this certainly was a big step up from our other readings.  More importantly, the extremely talented Megan O’Brien joined our team as our director and the adorably talented Zach Chiero has joined to play Jake.

We performed the show for about 120 close family and friends and special invited guests.  The reaction of the audience was incredibly positive.  I’ve actually spent all of today trying to respond to all of the emails and posts that have come my way.  Overall the feedback from special need parents was that I captured exactly what they experience every day and the feedback from typical parents was that this story is totally universal and they could relate to all of the emotions.  So overall it appears the show is appealing to vast audience.

I am waiting to receive the video and photos from last night but I have posted some of my own video clips on our Video page and below I am posting some fun pics from the rehearsal before the show.  I wish I knew what comes next, but I’m really not sure. I’m going to guess that some rewriting will need to happen as well as continued networking.  Im looking forward to meeting up with Megan and to discuss the future of Brilliant.

But there you have it.  I surpassed my goal of performing in my basement for friends.  I feel a sort of satisfaction that I have never felt before with this show.  I was so proud of everyone last night.  Each actor and musician was wonderful.  They certainly stepped up their game last night.  The future of this show now is incredibly unknown to me.  I can’t wait to read future posts to see what happens!





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