First festival (and the virus)

Honestly, It’s very weird to be writing a blog post right now.  After such a wonderful night back in February for our reading, I could have easily called it quits and I would have been very satisfied.  But of course as much as that felt like the culmination of years of hard work, it was only the beginning.

But let’s pause for a second, because life now isn’t what it was.  I haven’t written a journal entry or anything at home that talks about what life is like now- now that Covid 19 has invaded our world.  This is so much bigger than my show.  This is world changing.  Words can’t express how this has affected really anyone.  For me, my anxiety is at an all time high simply because there is no structure to our day anymore.  Everything is different.  Everything.  I hope and pray  (and I don’t pray) that  in a few years when I look back at this blog post it will all be a distant memory.  G-d, writing this feels like I am talking about a horror movie, but I’m not.

And here’s what’s weirder.   In the midst of all of this craziness, my show Brilliant was selected to participate in it’s first theatre festival in NYC – the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival.  This is something I have been waiting to happen for years and I should be thrilled.  I know I am happy, thrilled even, but right now it’s to hard to feel those emotions.  Right now the best I can do is go along with the process and not give up because honestly, it’s near impossible to focus on the show right now.

But here is one silver lining.  Sammi is home and she is helping me with the show.  She is more than helping- she is my new dramaturg and I am so lucky to have her work with me.  I am so proud of what she is capable of.  So together my daughter and I are continuing to develop the show.  She has suggested major changes but I do think they are for the best.  I truly do not believe the festival will go on as scheduled (4 months from now – mid August, 2020) but I have to keep working as if it might.  Personally, I would love a few month delay because of all the changes we are making.  And we have to produce the entire thing ourselves!  Another crazy headache.

So I am in a weird place.  You try being super productive when the entire world around you has fallen apart, it’s not easy.  But hey, I do love my new opening number, ‘A Family”.  that was written during the quarantine.  Let’s see if it stays.    So I will leave you now with the hopes that my next blog post will be much more optimistic about life in general and that the world will have begun to bounce back from the horrors of the past 6 weeks.

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