About the show


Brilliant embodies the vast emotions of being a parent.  It tells the story of a mother and father and their struggle raising their atypical son. The mother has an unequivocal love for her son but she struggles with how to help him.  At the same time she is trying to make the world, and her husband, see his brilliance.  The father also is unsure how to help his son and struggles with accepting him for who he is.  Both parents learn that the only way they can truly support their son is to work together.


Now more than ever children are being diagnosed and labeled as atypical.  In the privacy of their homes, parents are struggling to raise these children the best they can. Mothers and fathers also have different ways of parenting, especially when dealing with an atypical child.  These parents must throw away any expectations they may have had concerning who they thought their child would be.  At times life can be very discouraging and may even seem hopeless.  However, these parents must find the strength to always fight for the child they love and to work together in doing so.


Every person I know has at one least one child who is more challenging and simply requires more energy, both emotionally and physically, from the parents.  Parenting this child usually causes much stress in the household; especially between husband and wife.   Parents everywhere, those with typical and atypical children are constantly disagreeing on how to raise their children.  However, the one thing they can agree on is that they love their child and want to do what’s best for them.   I believe this is the universal theme of parenthood.


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