“Your music reflected the extremes of emotions related to being a parent, recognizing both the heartache and humor.  Your lyrics were deliberate and fully expressed the experiences I have had, coupled with sweet and moving melodies” …Dr. Eron Friedlander

“To hear and feel songs reach your soul was something special. At that end of one of the songs, there was hardly was a dry eye in the audience. The words and music became personal and that’s what makes a song brilliant!”…Phil Benson


Brilliant The Musical is a heartwarming and honest story about the beauty and challenges of parenting, whether it be a child with special needs or not.  It is a story of strength and perseverance of a husband and wife struggling to do what is best for their atypical child, being supportive of each other and their typical child, but not always knowing how best to do so.  This show is moving beyond words, as you experience every emotion, from heartache and love, to frustration and joy; you find yourself crying one moment and laughing the next as you relate to the roller coaster of emotions that all parents can experience on a daily basis.  This is a story that is long overdue to be told and coming from Dani and her own experiences, she is so eloquently able to capture the essence of this very difficult topic that so many families are struggling with in the confines of their homes.  Dani captures that at the heart of the decisions, heartache, pride and joy we feel as parents, is the unconditional love for our children and our innate desire to support, love and celebrate them for the beautiful individuals they are, atypical or not.  LOVE is the essence of this show.  Thank you Dani for your honesty and candor in sharing your story with us and the world through the beauty of your music and writing and your extraordinary talent as a playwright!  ..,A. Preisser


The sign of a wonderful story – I really can’t stop thinking about it. There is so much raw honesty in the show – it’s incredibly personal and honestly, every parent who sees it will be able to relate in so many ways – the love for your kids, the desire to want the best for them, the challenges of being on the same page as your spouse while parenting, and of course, the heartbreak of potentially being handed a different deck of cards in life than that what you might have expected…. Jodi Miller

Dani is one of the most passionate, kind, energetic, talented, women I know.  All of those amazing qualities were on display when I saw her concert last May.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience and I couldn’t whistle loud enough for her at the end.  She, and her musicals, are magical. …Daphne Howard


I just got home from your musical.  I wanted to say thank you for inviting me from the main line group.   Thank you for putting every emotion I am feeling into something I could relate to and must know – if it’s a show than others can as well.  You captured so much in that short time. Every emotion.   I noticed it was video taped and was hoping I could purchase a copy.  My son is 10 and I have an older daughter.  We are currently looking for other schools for my son. Thank you for making it all seem normal to someone who feels anything but normal.  The utter confusion I feel about this decision is exhausting.  It was fantastic to see your show.

Much appreciation,   Kelly Marshall

What beautiful lyrics, sang so beautifully. People need to see your work, it’s extraordinary, it’s moving and it’s real life ….D.

It’s a story that has not been told well on stage before so this is refreshing….Wendy Kurtz