BrilliantFIN_withfamily_cropped.jpg Music & Lyrics:  Dani Tapper

Book by Dani Tapper and Phillip Brown

You are invited to a staged reading of Brilliant:

DATE:  Monday, February 10

TIME:  7:30pm (running time 85 min)

PLACE: 118 North, 118 N. Wayne, Ave.  PA

Please RSVP:

*Please ask about additional readings scheduled for January 12 (women only)
Brilliant embodies the range of emotions a family experiences as they realize that their beloved son is atypical. Told through the eyes of the mother, the family includes her husband, a father unsure how to help his son, and a daughter on a path toward independence. More than anything, Brilliant shines light on the relationship between mother and father as they expose their struggle to raise their child. “How to do it” answers are not revealed but we do learn that the mother’s unequivocal love guides her as she tries to make the world — and her husband — see his brilliance. By the end, both parents learn that the only way they can truly support their son is to support one another. As one doctor explained “Anyone can have a moment of brilliance, the trick is keeping your eyes open so you don’t miss it.” Don’t miss the moments shared in Brilliant.